AthensWas Hotel – Athens Hotel Review – Plaka – 2020 Review

To enjoy scenic streets paved with cobblestone and lined with small shops selling ornaments, garments, and homegrown ceramics, AthensWas Hotel is one of the best places to live in. AthensWas Hotel is enclosed by the famous Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, and Acropolis of Athens that gives you a beautiful sight from your room or during your meal at rooftop restaurants.

AthensWas Hotel offers its guest with incredibly designed rooms and suites along with top-class restaurants, bars, and café to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and fruity cocktails. Equipped with advance technological amenities and high-speed Wi-Fi, AthensWas Hotel is also the best option to have business meetings or cooperate events.

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Amenities of the AthensWas Hotel

AthensWas hotel facilitates its guest with all the facilities that make their stay comfortable and easy-going. Fitness Centre is equipped with the latest cardiovascular machine to keep their guest body posture in good shape. AthensWas Hotel also provides various types of massage to their customers on-demand either in the massage Centre or in their rooms to get rid of their pains and aches which they might get after exploring this ancient city.

Highly qualified and trained babysitters are also available to entertain Families with kids and newborns. AthensWas desk service has highly professional staff to help their guests with their problems which rarely occurs. If you are not in a mood of stroll someday you can also get limousine and other cars on rent to explore or visit tourism spots in Athens.

Hotel staff also come to your rooms regularly to ask you for anything you need and you can also give them your dirty clothes to get clean. High-Speed Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the hotel so that you can plan your day and visit maximum spots in one go.

AthensWas Hotel has also a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food and have a good chit chat. Manicure and pedicure are also available for women to enhance their beauty. Coupled with the great view and perfect location, this makes for a one of a kind hotel to spice up your visit.

Why we like the AthensWas Hotel

Fully equipped wooden furnished rooms with a touch of soft colors and add up features of blackout curtains will guarantee you the utmost comfortable and soothing environment to live in. The staff of the hotel was very cooperative and mannerly dealt with all our queries.

To refresh the state of mind of its guests, AthensWas Hotel offers its guest complimentary coffee and drinks. Rooftop Restaurant provides you with a mesmerizing view Acropolis of Athens especially at waning hours of dawn with delicious food on your table to enjoy.

Fitness Centre has highly trained staff to assist and guide you in your daily exercise. Many important landmarks and museums were nearby the hotels that provide their guest with the opportunity to grasp history as much as they want.

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