Black Rose Suites – Santorini Hotel Review – Perissa

It is a possibility that we have incorrectly classified Black Rose Suites as a hotel. It turns out to more like you are a VIP guest in your own private residence. More than a hotel, Black Rose Suites is a small intimate collection of six guest suites where they cater to your needs and pamper to your liking. You may fine the attention you get here intoxicating.

Six rooms on an eight acre lot adjacent to the ocean; this is as concise a definition of privacy and seclusion as one can get. On the southern strand of Perissa Beach, the hotel offers a sequestered space for your enjoyment, or is a mere stroll up the shoreline to the fine restaurants and cafes of Perissa when you are feeling sociable.

Soft tans and browns compliment the hills in the background and the whitewash walls offer a glimpse into the classical Cycladic Greek style. While staying at Black Rose Suites, the surroundings will comfort you and bring you pleasure simply by observing the well manicured gardens and the expertly appointed decorative accents that surround the hotel’s grounds.

The use of natural and reclaimed wood that appears weather worn and like beachside driftwood in the decorative architecture will evoke the sensation of the calming waters of the ocean, even when inside your suite. Rounded corners, high ceilings, and archways at every turn enhance the sense of an open air beachfront resort, which in turn soothes your senses even more.

Black Rose Suites is dedicated to bringing an intimate one-on-one experience to each and every one of their guests. By limiting the influx of clientele they increase the care and personal attention they can lavish upon every guest. Concierge services are experts in addressing every need for which a guest may ask or need, most often, before you can ask.

Breakfast is the specialty of the house at Black Rose and it is prepared according to your daily desires and tastes, and then served anywhere you prefer. The poolside dining area, your suite’s private veranda, or even breakfast in bed. No matter where you choose to enjoy this delightful meal created from locally sourced farms, you will be served with the utmost attention and consideration.

All six suites are designed for preeminent comfort and soothing guest gratification. From the teak wood furniture to the marble tiled bathroom, the suite will be your respite from the sun and sand when, or if, you need a break from the fantastic Perissa Beach. Individually assigned lounge furniture and shade umbrella on the sand for each suite, private pools and Jacuzzi, you may never want to leave the beach.

When you do come indoors, all suites have brand new climate control units, fully stocked minibar, top of the line televisions, and luxurious beds that embrace your tired body. The five ground floor suites all have private pool and Jacuzzi. The sixth suite, located on the second floor has a spectacular view over the water of the common area pool and out into the sea beyond.