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Cavo TagooWant to feel like a celebrity on vacation? Do you covet that amazing hotel celebrities feature on Magazines cover? Do you want to avail all those services that celebrities avail when they are on their high-end vacations? Then what are you waiting for? Book a room at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos now!

This hotel is the epitome of the juxtaposition of modern against vintage. With its unique and captivating architecture, Cliff side view, chic aesthetic, and exceptional services, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos has won the hearts of its customers. So, get prepared to be mesmerized by the whole experience Cavo Tagoo will offer you!

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Amenities at The Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Baggage Storage

I am worried that you have over packed for your trip? Unlike many deluxe hotels, Cavo Tagoo offers a baggage storage facility to the guests. Store your stuff at the hotel, and don’t worry about its security!

Tranquil Spa

Get a luxurious spa and massages and say goodbye to all the stress and jetlag that you would have carried with you. The trained staff of Cavo Tagoo will drain you of all the fatigue and tiredness that has been overburdening you. 

Well-Equipped Gym

Want to stay fit even on vacation? Don’t worry because this hotel has got you covered. The latest equipment available at Cavo Tagoo will help you work out and stay in shape. 

Free Services

Many services like car shuttle, parking, and 24/7 availability of high-speed internet are offered at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos Hotel. 

A Minibar and Private Balcony in the Room

Want to party in your own room? The stocked minibar will keep you stacked on food, and the private balcony will provide the ideal setting to engage in a profound conversation with your loved ones. 

Bar and Gourmet Dining

Enjoy the fine wines and delectable food offered at Cavo Tagoo. The appetizing food will keep you riveted to the seats of the restaurants, and you wouldn’t want to get up!

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What We Like About Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Centralized Location

Being in a hotel doesn’t mean you are sequestered from the outside world. The central and ideal location of Cavo Tagoo offers you the chance to enjoy the nightlife of the city and wander in the town.

Just a short walk away are the museums, lighthouses, and churches for whom you would fly thousands of miles. You will also be around party hubs like bars and clubs. 

Exceptional Room Service

Everything from toiletries to a fully stocked minibar and a refrigerator are offered at Cavo Tagoo. And the room cleaning services will leave your bed and furniture spot-free and so immaculate; you won’t even believe your own eyes. 

Additional Services

Laundry services, parking services, babysitting, and newspaper delivery services are offered to make your stay more homely and comfortable. It won’t feel like you are living in a hotel as you wouldn’t have to compromise on any basic facility.

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