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The Athenaeum Intercontinental Athens Hotel is the franchise of IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group) located in a quiet neighborhood with easy approach to several metro stations, museums and popular landmarks that are rich with arts, civilization, classical history and philosophy.

Here you will find the perfect blend between elegant modern designs and traditional architectural approach of the Acropolis. The Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel gratify their all kind of guests with furnished spacious rooms to stay, cafes and bars to dine in and perfectly set conference rooms for business meetings. The rooftop restaurants of this hotel entertain their guest with delicious food and mesmerizing view of Athens city.

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Amenities of the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens

In Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel, fully equipped wooden furnished rooms with touch of soft colors and add up feature of blackout curtains will guarantee you the utmost comfortable and soothing environment to live in. The Hotel further please their guests with spa treatments, hot tub, sauna and pool with poolside bar to relax, de-stress and get rid of their daily routine aches and pains.

Guests can enjoy high speed Wi-Fi and watch movies on demand with minibar on their sides. One of the best feature for families with kids and new born is that they get facilitated with babysitting. The hotel have ATM and money exchange service so the guest do not miss enjoying any feature of this hotel.

Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel is the home of most delicious and mouthwatering cuisine. Cafezoe not only serve buffet breakfast but also a variety of Traditional Greek and international dishes. If you are in a mood of classical morning coffee, Art Lounge is the place you are looking for but Poolzoe can refresh you with their finest chilled cocktails.

After sightseeing the beauty of Athens City and exploring cities renowned ancient site, Premier an award winning restaurant will put a cherry on top of your day by providing you the best place to enjoy aromatic wines and delicious food with a sight full of glowing columns of The Parthenon against the night sky.

Why we like the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens

A guest always looks for features that put away the worries he has in his mind. Valet Parking is one of them as you don’t have to worry about finding a parking slot. Though the hotel is slight away for some of main attractions but it provides you with free shuttle services.

There are no words to describe the peaceful ambiance of this hotel. The hospitality of staff was up to the highest mark. They don’t let their guest to face any problem with the 24/7 front desk service availability. Babysitting feature will let you enjoy the facilities where you can’t take your kids.

From nutritious food to fitness gym, Athenaeum Intercontinental has taken all needs of human life into consideration. No doubt Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel’s customer orientation has made it the Greece’s leading hotel.

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