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Want to explore the exotic beaches, the dense forests, and the rugged mountains of Greece in Santa Marina Mykonos?

Santa Marina Mykonos Want to experience the true essence of Greek generosity and hospitality? Then Santa Marina Resort and Villas should be your top-pick for the hotels!

This is one of the exceptional hotels in Mykonos that has both a magnificent sea view and a hillside view. The stunning exterior and the wondrous location of this extensive resort make your living experience worth-a-while. The Mykonos town and restaurants are also within walking distance from this hotel. Santa Marina Resort and Villas are highly recommended for an unforgettable family vacation.

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Amenities at the Santa Marina Resort and Villas in Mykonos

Santa Marina MykonosTwo gigantic infinity pools

The Santa Marina Mykonos Resort and Villas have two massive swimming pools, both with adequate poolside refreshment services for all families and kids who love swimming and pools.

The Colonial infinity pool has an additional pool connected to it for your kids while the Oasis pool is reserved only for the adults. 

A plethora of outdoor activities 

Santa-Marina’s beach-side eatery most famous ‘The Buddha-Bar Beach’ organizes several musical gatherings throughout the traveling season. They also offer to arrange various marine activities and the equipment needed for it, including yacht tours and nearby day trips on a chopper.

Sumptuous Spa service

The Santa Marina Mykonos hotel’s Ginkgo spa that earns top marks in terms of providing luxurious treatments to its customers for both men and women and features five different treatment rooms. This fully-equipped spa also offers a communal bathhouse and a sauna. 

Fantastic Fitness and Wellness Centre

The Santa Marina Mykonos hotel offers a fully furnished gym so that you do not have to worry about gaining some pounds on vacation! 

Family-friendly environment

Santa Marina Mykonos Resort and Villas welcomes visitors of all age group peoples. Their babysitting services, infinity pools, playgrounds, and 24/7 room service are worth the praise! Elevators are also installed on some of the floors to cater to physically impaired customers.

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What We Like About Santa Marina Resort and Villas

Range of rooms to choose fromSanta Marina Mykonos

This posh resort gives you about 106 options, including villas, rooms, and suites to stay in.

The Santa Marina Mykonos villas come with a functional kitchen, some with private pools, and even a jacuzzi which is loved by all peoples!

Spectacular beach-view

Santa Marina Mykonos is built on a comparatively refined section of the well-known Ornos beach, and it gives its customers the chance to admire its scenic beauty of nature, and the other southside beaches connect to it.

Centrally located 

This resort connects to numerous tourist attractions like the Mykonos farm, many elite café’s, bars, marketplaces, fancy restaurants, and beach clubs.

High-quality victuals 

The chefs at Buddha-Bar Beach swear that they will never compromise on their customer’s taste buds and serve a great fusion menu with seafood as their specialty. The poolside family bar and restaurant and the room service serve you and your loved ones with delicious meals day and night.

Free of cost parking

Santa Marina Resorts and villas also offer free in-built parking for the user’s convenience with the parking.

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