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Imagine sipping a warm cup of tea while watching the most stunning sunset on the top of a hill. tharroe of mykonosThink about how you could relish watching nature’s most heavenly sight on earth overlooking a beach and enjoying a gourmet dining. You got goosebumps, didn’t you? All this is possible at Tharroe of Mykonos. 

This historically rich and infused with vintage essence deluxe hotel offers great accommodation and excellent room service. This hotel is a more apt representation of life in Mykonos, and it gives you a taste of the people and the lifestyle of the town. So, make sure to book a room here and get fully acquainted with the rich culture of Greece!   

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Amenities at the Tharroe of Mykonos

tharroe of mykonosSerene Spa

Vacations are for relaxing! And you can’t fully be relaxed until you enjoy a tranquil spa, and all your exhaustion and stress are drained out of your body. You can avail of this facility on-site and even in your rooms. 

Pet-Friendly Rooms

Don’t you want to leave your cuddly friends at home? No problem! Tharroe of Mykonos will accommodate you and your pets. Now it will be a fun-cation!

Swimming Pool

Who does not like to sit a pool and enjoy their fine beverage? No one! So, enjoy the amazing pool facilities at Tharroe of Mykonos and challenge your swimming skills. 

Sophisticated Bars and Restaurants

If you are a fan of fine dining and delicious food, and you carve for an appetizing meal while you are traveling, then this hotel is ideal for you. Give your taste buds something they will never forget. 

Engaging Activities 

Cooking classes, themed dinner nights, horse riding, cycling, diving, and windsurfing are just a few activities that will keep you busy throughout your trip! Visit the website to see the list of all activities offered to make your stay a memorable one. 

Free Services 

The hotel offers free parking and free high-speed WiFi. 

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What We Like About Tharroe of Mykonos

Bright Rooms with Scenic Viewstharroe of mykonos

Every day you will wake up in your room, draw the curtains, and you will fall in love with the view. The vivid colors of the sea and the beach, the glowing, radiant light emitted by the sun, and the glistening of the water reflected in your window will make your stay worthwhile. 

Historical Significance 

The ruins of the tomb of the Mycenaean queen are stored in this hotel as a tourist attraction. These remains are dated back to the 2nd century BC. 

Luxurious Dining

The gourmet dining offered by Tharroe of Mykonos is unmatched. The food prepared by professional chefs at the hotel will mesmerize you with the exceptional taste and their serving. 

Safe and Secure

This hotel addresses all concerns that guests may have regarding security and safety. The 24/7 available guards are vigilantly looking around. There are cameras everywhere in the hotel, and safety deposit boxes are given to all guests. 

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