Zillers Boutique Hotel – Athens Hotel Review – Monastiraki

The Zillers Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Athens and within walking distance from the city’s main attractions. A combination of an architectural masterpiece and the essence of Greek history, the Hotel offers an authentic city stay.

With its top floor crowned with the Roof Garden that boasts a very urban paradise with a unique aura and beauty of its own, with a great view of some historical and beautiful landmarks such as the Cathedral of Athens and the Acropolis, whereas you will enjoy some tantalizing dishes.

Additionally, you can enjoy some handpicked Greek wines, coffees, and cocktails to boost and refresh your mood all day long. Following the legacy of Athens, Zillers Boutique Hotel will deliver a timeless link between the past, present, and future employing creative endless experience that people would love to repeat.

Zillers Boutique Hotel -Exterior

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Amenities of the Zillers Boutique Hotel

Zillers Boutique Hotel – Interior

Why We Like the Zillers Boutique Hotel

Zillers Boutique Hotel -Lobby