Naxos Island Hotel – Naxos Hotel Review – Agios Prokopios

Naxos Island Hotel is located just 30m away from the most popular beach on Naxos Island named Agios Prokopios Beach where tourists come and sit on golden sand to enjoy the sound of waves crashing against the shores and to witness the incredible scene of the sunset against the magnificent blue ocean.

Naxos Island Hotel is a mini version of Naxos Island where blue and beige colored, marbled room carries photos and information of one village. Some of the rooms of this attractive hotel have a fascinating view of the sea while others open in a mini garden or have private Jacuzzi to relax and enjoy.

The hotel also offers massage treatments, spa, gym, and various beauty treatments whereas delicious cuisine can be enjoyed at a roof-top restaurant. Naxos Island Hotel also has a rooftop swimming pool where guests can enjoy the refreshing cocktails and have a wider view of the glorious beach from the hotel can enjoy the rooftop swimming pool

naxos island hotel exterior
Naxos Island HotelExterior

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Amenities of the Naxos Island Hotel

naxos island hotel interior
Naxos Island Hotel- Interior

Why We Like the Naxos Island Hotel

naxos island hotel
Naxos Island Hotel- Lobby

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