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The Palladium Hotel Mykonos boasts its chic aesthetic, bohemian boldness, Mykonian vibe, and a hint of earthiness. This boutique hotel weaves a whimsical experience for its customers so they can relish the mystical essence of nature finely combined with luxurious living. The Cycladic beauty and the originality and simplicity of woven textiles capture the quintessential nature of the hotel. 

If you want to enjoy the busy streets of the town and want to delve into the harmonious peace and sheer silence of the wild sea and beach together, then visit the Palladium Hotel Mykonos. 

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Amenities of the Palladium Hotel Mykonos

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Wellness Activities 

From the spa to hair and facial treatments, the wellness center and saloon will cater to all your needs. Want a quick mani-Pedi, or are you looking for instant hair-styling methods? Don’t worry! Even on vacation, you can get all these beauty treatments and salon facilities and look ravishing! 

Hot Tub and Sauna

Drain out all your stress, exhaustion, and jetlag in the hot tub and the sauna. These activities will rejuvenate you and your skin, and you will feel alive and awoken! Don’t miss out on this chance to redefine yourself on vacation! 

Elite and Classical Rooms

Who doesn’t love luxurious and spacious rooms, consistently boasting the contemporary architecture and classic deluxe interior designing? No one! So, spend your stay in the gorgeous rooms of Palladium Hotel Mykonos, decorated specially for you

Swimming Pools

Enjoy your fine drinks will dunking yourself in the pool, or relish reading your favorite book as you lay on the floating sunbeds on the pool at Palladium Hotel Mykonos. These luxurious pools are reserved only for guests and are highly maintained; just after one swim, you will feel like your soul has been revived. 

Safety and Security

Don’t worry about your personal safety or the security of your belongings and luggage. This hotel is quite meticulous and thorough about its security measures. 

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Why We Like the Palladium Hotel Mykonos

palladium hotel mykonos interior

Ideal Location

With the ideal location of this hotel, you can walk by the Psarou beach or have your afternoon tea at the Platis Gialos beach, both of which are just a 5-minute walk away. 

Advent Reception

The amazing concierge team, staff, and team of the hotel will treat you like royalty. They will take care of your every need, and you might feel like the Queen of England who is being served everything. Enjoy these services and witness the unmatched dedication and efforts of the team. 

Impeccable Cleanliness

This hotel will set the cleanliness benchmark so high for you that you might get accustomed to immaculate rooms and furniture. You will definitely miss the privilege of living in a spotless and sanitized room when you check out from Palladium Hotel Mykonos. 

Family Friendly 

Visit this hotel with your family and create a plethora of memories together as you won’t witness and family-friendly and engaging environment anywhere else. 

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