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The Palladium Hotel Mykonos boasts its chic aesthetic, bohemian boldness, Mykonian vibe, and a hint of earthiness. This boutique hotel weaves a whimsical experience for its customers so they can relish the mystical essence of nature finely combined with luxurious living. The Cycladic beauty and the originality and simplicity of woven textiles capture the quintessential nature of the hotel. 

If you want to enjoy the busy streets of the town and want to delve into the harmonious peace and sheer silence of the wild sea and beach together, then visit the Palladium Hotel Mykonos. 

palladium hotel mykonos

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Amenities of the Palladium Hotel Mykonos

palladium hotel mykonos
Palladium Hotel Mykonos – Interior

Why We Like the Palladium Hotel Mykonos

palladium hotel mykonos